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In today’s reality, consumers expect every experience to be individually relevant. Consider your own experiences:

  • Google “auto-fills” search suggestions
  • Amazon presents you with content related to items you’ve viewed
  • Grocery stores provide customized coupons based on your buying behavior
  • Netflix and Hulu make recommendations based on your previous viewing habits
  • Facebook personalizes your news feed based on content you’ve liked or shared

These experiences are driving today’s customer’s expectations for relevant content everywhere. To succeed, you need to cut through the irrelevant clutter and provide personalized experiences across all interactions. Consumers will now only spend time with companies that earn their attention with content that is personally relevant to them as individuals.

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The SegOne Solution

Traditional real time management solutions fall short by only analyzing click stream, cookie, and IP insights. To embrace individualization for all your customer experiences, you need a partner with a comprehensive and robust system of insight (customer data and healthcare analytics) that can feed your system of engagement to enable you to deliver contextually relevant marketing messages. SegOne is that partner.

SegOne maintains the healthcare industry’s only sophisticated decision engine tuned specifically to solve the customer real-time interaction management (RTIM) problem for healthcare marketing vendors.

Our open API solution uses proprietary advanced analytics to solve identity resolution, contextual healthcare understanding, decision arbitration, and offer orchestration. With sub-second speed, SegOne returns data to your system for real-time personalization of the customer experience at a contact center, point-of-service display/kiosk, website, chat bots/AI-assisted agents, mobile app, email, SMS, or digital advertising. Our partners can also download more information about their customer for relevant follow up communications or loading into a CRM system.

In under one second while your customer is interacting with your system*:

1. SegOne identifies your customer across a national database of over 300 million

2. SegOne runs advanced analytics and instant decisions to dynamically calculate the customer’s health risk and health needs

3. SegOne returns data to your system to allow instantaneous customization and personalization of content

*Fully HIPAA-compliant solution


We are here to make things Better

Deliver Individualized Content Based on Your Customer’s Unique Characteristics and Behaviors – in Real Time!"


Increase ROI with individual marketing at scale

Content matters. The more contexually relevant a message is, the more likely a person is to interact with it. Them more relevant it becomes. This has a profound impact on the customer experience and your marketing ROI.


19% of marketers personalize their marketing


Personalized messaging has 600% better conversion rates


68% of firms are prioritising investments in personalised marketing and experience


77% of marketers feel personalizion is crucial


74% of consumers get frustrated when advertising has nothing to do with their interests

Personalized Experiences

Marketers who personalize experiences see an average of 19% increase in sales

True Real-Time Personalization!

True real-time personalization is enabled by understanding the unique characteristics and behaviors of each individual through advanced healthcare analytics, and in turn, delivering an individualized experience for each person in real time. Relying on a single customer data point (for instance a web page view or a search) to attempt to personalize the entire customer journey will lead you to provide the wrong experiences for most of your customers. Just because you know one thing about your customer doesn’t mean you should assume you know everything about your customer!

What Makes Our Solution UNIQUE

SegOne provides the data you’ll need to get a complete picture of your customers and make better decisions for every experience to be more relevant.

We provide access to more data than any other vendor (over 1,000 variables). Examples include demographics, lifestyle, social media, email, cell phone, financial, purchase history, media preferences, behavioral data, self-reported health conditions, and proprietary AI/healthcare analytics.

SegOne is flexible and is easy to setup for integration with your solution.  Our partners can use the built-in SegOne healthcare predictive models and rules or you can define your own. SegOne feeds all of you customer interactions into our artificial intelligence platform to learn, analyze, and predict – the more your organization uses the platform, the smarter SegOne becomes.  And you win by becoming more relevant to your customers.


The team at SegOne has over 75 combined years of healthcare and technology experience. We’ve provided customer analytic solutions for some of the largest healthcare, financial, retail, credit, and telecommunication companies across the globe. We understand the needs of the healthcare industry and our mission is to provide leading-edge analytical and engagement solutions that help consumers get the right care at the right time.


Some of our bonafides:

  • Chief architect - Equifax decisioning /delivery engine.
  • Leadership team developed the Tea Leaves Health CRM, PRM & analytical platforms.
  • Worked directly on installing and supporting customer and physician analytical solutions at over 1,000 hospitals.
  • Former Director of Decision Science & Analytics at Kohl’s Department Stores.
  • Patent for automated modeling and criteria generation.
  • First provider of online credit monitoring.
  • Owner/developer of proprietary batch process search & industry-leading identity resolution technology.
  • Real-time decisioning applications for Trans Union, Chase, T-Mobile, and Sprint – licensed to First American Core Logic (process billions of records each month with over 100 predictive models.)
  • Developed the count engine used by RL Polk & Equifax. Record-setting transactional data processing speed.
  • Experts in non-obvious pattern/relationship acquisition.
  • Master agent processor for Equifax.
  • Experts in CRM, loyalty marketing, customer analytics, multi-channel marketing, digital marketing analytics, marketing mix effectiveness (MMM), and testing and forecasting.

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